Workstation 5 for Linux Screenshots

The VMware Workstation 5 for Linux screenshots I took still aren’t up on the VMware website, due to busy schedules and other priorities. I have, however, been told I can make them publicly available, as the product is released. So, until they’re officially up, here are the Workstation 5 for Linux screenshots:

Desktop screenshot
VMware integrated into the user’s desktop, with themed folder icons, MIME-Type icons and all.

Gorilla Theme
VMware with the Gorilla GTK+ theme
Teams 1
A virtual “team” of VMs, running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4, Windows 2000 Pro, and Windows XP, all networked together. Each “thumbnail” is an active updating view. Screen savers are fun in teams.
Teams 2
Another teams screenshot, without the settings dialog.
Teams 3
yet another teams screenshot, this time showing Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 as the current VM.
Teams 4
Last teams screenshot, showing just the window and not the full desktop.
Team Settings dialog
The settings dialog for teams. Virtual LAN segments can be added, removed, and modified, with artificial packet loss and speeds introduced.
Snapshot Manager
The Snapshot Manager dialog, which allows users to add, remove, rename, and switch
to snapshots in time.
New VM Wizard
The New Virtual Machine wizard
VM Settings Dialog
The Virtual Machine Settings dialog. Here, new hardware can be added, memory changed, and various options frobnicated.

7 thoughts on “Workstation 5 for Linux Screenshots”

  1. Hi, good job. It’s not fully HIG compliant but close enough 🙂
    I was wondering about the graphic performance (yeah, for games). I think I read somewhere that this VMWare would be able to use opengl acceleration where available.
    Do you think it’s a viable alternative to cedega for games on linux ?

  2. I’m using it (have been since you first posted about the beta) and it absolutely rocks! I’m still in the trail period, but I am *definitely* going to buy this version. Keep up the good work!

  3. Well I’m not a specialist, just a regular Gnome user, and when I saw these I immediately thought that the help / cancel / ok buttons didn’t look right. I *think* the help button is supposed to be on the left side. And also, that thin gray line above the buttons is definitively not a Gnome thing 🙂

  4. Is this using a .glade file? It would be so cool to have the power and ability to adapt the userinterface 🙂

    Not that you’re doing a bad job :-), just that I can imagine several possibilities on embedded systems.

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