April 2005

When In Doubt, Explode Violently

I’ve been sick with a flu the past week, which has been annoying enough, but last night we had a slight server issue. The computer back at my parents’ house that is home to a large number of my websites (ChipX86.com in particular), my e-mail, clients’ e-mail and sites, my DNS server, and several other things stopped seeing the rest of the network and therefore the Internet. My brother and I went through a long debugging cycle over the phone before giving up for the night. Today I had him bring things back to how they were beforehand, and now it all works. I still have no idea why. *sigh*

Anyhow, I’m going to start migrating things to my linode box. I don’t quite trust the one back home to last forever 🙂 At the very least, I should get an automatic backup of all system files and the important websites going, as well as the SVN repository.

I’m absolutely exhausted now, and should sleep, but instead I’m attempting to fix this bug in a change I’m doing in VMware, and I want to get some Galago work done and play some World of Warcraft. Where to start.. Food perhaps. Now I’m rambling.

Galago updates coming soon.

Workstation 5 for Linux Screenshots

The VMware Workstation 5 for Linux screenshots I took still aren’t up on the VMware website, due to busy schedules and other priorities. I have, however, been told I can make them publicly available, as the product is released. So, until they’re officially up, here are the Workstation 5 for Linux screenshots:

Desktop screenshot
VMware integrated into the user’s desktop, with themed folder icons, MIME-Type icons and all.

Gorilla Theme
VMware with the Gorilla GTK+ theme
Teams 1
A virtual “team” of VMs, running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4, Windows 2000 Pro, and Windows XP, all networked together. Each “thumbnail” is an active updating view. Screen savers are fun in teams.
Teams 2
Another teams screenshot, without the settings dialog.
Teams 3
yet another teams screenshot, this time showing Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 as the current VM.
Teams 4
Last teams screenshot, showing just the window and not the full desktop.
Team Settings dialog
The settings dialog for teams. Virtual LAN segments can be added, removed, and modified, with artificial packet loss and speeds introduced.
Snapshot Manager
The Snapshot Manager dialog, which allows users to add, remove, rename, and switch
to snapshots in time.
New VM Wizard
The New Virtual Machine wizard
VM Settings Dialog
The Virtual Machine Settings dialog. Here, new hardware can be added, memory changed, and various options frobnicated.

Revenge of the *bleep*

Hurray! Leo and Patrick and some of the others from the old The Screen Savers show have gotten together and started a “podcast.” I’m sure anybody reading Slashdot knows this already, but I’m still pretty excited about it. I’ve been watching The Screen Savers since it was created on ZDTV, and have been pretty upset about how badly G4TechTV mangled it. Now I have a radio show I can look forward to hopefully every week or so.

I’ve been thinking a bit about getting back into doing an online radio show. I used to host “Voices In My Head” on WOPN/Freenode Radio, back when that still existed. Ever since that station fell to the ground, I’ve been wanting to set up a new one with 24-hour independent music and weekly radio shows of various types. It’s something I’m seriously considering now. Maybe I’ll look into expenses and talk to a few people…

Life at VMware

I realized today that I’m approaching 8 months at VMware. The time flew by so fast, it’s amazing. I’m not even sick of it yet! 😉 The place is actually quite cool. They treat us amazingly well. We have flexible hours, the option to work at home when we need to, free food, a great environment, actual offices, really cool managers… It’s better than I would have ever imagined. And we have a lot of open source people there, too.

For those who don’t know, I work on the Hosted Linux UI team. That means I worked on Workstation 5, which we just released. It kicks ass 🙂 I’m proud of it. I’m still waiting for the screenshots I put together to go up on the site, though. I’ll post them when they appear.

What we need is more talented Linux people on the UI team. If anybody is interested, feel free to contact me with a resume and I’ll pass it along. We’re stationed in Palo Alto, California, which is a nice place to live.

I need to get a picture of our building, with the fountain and waterfall and beautiful trees, but for now, I only have pics of my office.


Pretty Shiny Monitor

So, a few days ago, Dell had a deal on a 20.1″ Dell 2005FPW Widescreen LCD monitor. We have the 20.1″ non-widescreens at VMware, and I love them, so I thought I’d throw some money Dell’s way and pick up a widescreen. I found out that I could also purchase a $35-off coupon on ebay for only $5, so I managed to get another $30 off there. All in all, before tax, it came down to $450. It arrived a few days ago, and I must say, it absolutely rocks. I’ve been using it in the living room, playing World of Warcraft on it. It makes such a difference 🙂 Everyone should get one.

Now that I type this, I see that Chris Lee purchased one too. Very cool. Enjoy 🙂

Galago Release and SCO

Well, I finally did it. The 0.3.0: Wrath of Squirrel release of Galago is out! No, seriously. It needs some testing, and I have a bunch of neat little projects in the works. If you’re in the Silicon Valley area, I’ll be giving a presentation at SVLUG in the near future. That is, if I can get everything working in time.

There’s been some concern of code theft in a project I’m involved in, so we put in place an SVN repository wrapping my Source COde authentication tool. This is an old project of mine, and for those interested, you can read about it. With SCO, you’ll never have to worry about code theft again.

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