July 2006

Yarr, fun with avatars

I needed a test avatar for a site I’m working on, and thought, “Hey, I’ll use my pirate picture.” But then I realized it just wasn’t piratey enough. So I wasted spent a bit of time and gimped it up a bit.

Clearly this should be the basis for my new Planet hackergotchi.

VMware Server 1.0 Released

As most people have probably seen on Slashdot or Digg by now, we just released VMware Server 1.0. As promised, it is a free product and should run your virtual machines much faster than the earlier betas did.

(If you’re not sure what VMware Server is all about, please read my original post.)

VMware Server has already been deployed at several companies ever since beta 1. I’ve always found that amusing, given how young the product was at that stage (even though this is essentially GSX 4). However, my experience in talking to beta testers so far is that most people are pretty happy with the product, especially given the price. I am personally running it at home for my Linux development VMs and it has been working nicely.

My thanks go out to all the testers that have reported problems or who have given us feedback of any kind. As one of the developers on VMware Server, it has been nice hearing positive reports and stories :).

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